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Does your organization host a tournament or sporting event that never seems to grow in numbers or level of competition? Do your event staff workers work hard but never seem to really get it together? Has event scheduling become a nightmare? Do you have problems housing event participants? Would your club like to realize more bottom line profits from your organization’s tournament or sports event effort? If your answer is “yes” to any of these questions, then Showcase can make it happen.

A successful tournament or sporting event can only be realized by employing three basic skills:

  1. Proper and tenacious tournament management,
  2. Implementing proven and cost saving techniques and
  3. By attracting more teams to your event.

For the last 22 years, Showcase has been doing just this for over 15 annual tournaments; increasing the bottom line profits and also improving the quality and competition levels of each event.

Although our involvement in your tournament will go beyond what we indicate here, this information will provide your organization with a brief overview of what we can do in making your tournament or sporting event a huge success, for the participating teams and…….. your organization.

  • We complete and submit all the required forms required to host the tournament or sporting event.
  • We design the plan layout for the tournament to include the dates of the tournament or event, the number of playing facilities, the number of anticipated participating teams, and your organization’s proposed tournament operating budget
  • Using our extensive sports database and our networking contacts, Showcase ensures that an extensive sports event announcement program is implemented to achieve diverse exposure of your event.
  • We handle all telephone calls and faxes from prospective applicants.
  • We receive and log all applications, entry fees (Payable to your Organization), copy and forward all original applications to your organization’s Tournament or Event Director.
  • We obtain bids on all trophies, T-Shirts, patches, pins and submit received bids to your organization’s Tournament or Event Director for review and approval.
  • Receive and place all tournament T-Shirt pre-orders, patch and pin orders in accordance with the bid approved by your organization’s Tournament Director.
  • We receive all tournament Ad orders for your Tournament or Event program.
  • We negotiate, on behalf of your organization, contracts for all food vendors, applicable athletic stores, security, athletic trainers, required tents, port-a-potties, on site communication equipment, officials and hotel accommodations for visiting teams.
  • We contract services to prepare playing areas, if required by your organization’s Tournament or Event Director.
  • We produce and compile all tournament or event game schedules.
  • We provide an on-site Showcase representative for your registration function to assists your Tournament or Event Director.
  • We provide the systems and forms for payment of all tournament officials.
  • We assist the organization’s Tournament or Event Director with the design of the tournament application, invitations to participate, mailing of applications, acceptance packages and match schedules; promoting the program and ad sales and writing the final report.
  • We provide expert and proven advice through the tournament or event process for all aspects of event operation.
  • We provide your organization with a monthly progress report throughout the tournament or event planning and execution process.

As you can see, Showcase takes the lead in the design, development, management and execution of your tournament, but we never take the tournament out of the control of your organization. We actually join your Team, lending expert management and proven concepts to your program so that your organization can achieve the greatest potential for success.

We would appreciate the opportunity to discuss tournament or sports event management possibilities with your organization at your convenience.