Serving Travel Teams, Tournaments and Events Since 1995

  1. I haven’t received my confirmation code yet. What should I do?
    • First check your spam, sometimes our emails go into those files in your email.
    • Check your email address and make sure you are checking the correct email address and that it matches the email address you supplied to us on your initial reservation request.
    • If you cannot find your confirmation still, and you have allowed 5 business days, call the office.
  2. How do I change or cancel my reservation?
  3. Do we have to use Showcase Management to book our rooms?
    • To avoid any fees set up by the tournament, all reservations and team blocks must be done through Showcase Management.
  4. How do I set up a room block for my team?
  5. Can I book my room at a different hotel than where my team is staying?
    • We strongly suggest that you stay at the hotel where your team is staying as those room blocks are created custom for each team.
    • Should you want to stay at a separate hotel, there must be availability at the hotel you are requesting as those rooms are taken up by team blocks first.
  6. Can I use my points to book my stay?
    • Unfortunately, points are not allowed to be utilized to book reservations for tournaments through Showcase Management, LLC.
  7. Can I provide my points number with my reservation to get my rewards?
    • Unfortunately, points are assigned to the tournament and will not be awarded to the guests.
  8. Can I get a comp room for my coach?
    • No.
  9. Is there a deposit when I make my reservation?
    • This depends on the hotel and the team agreement your organization has with Showcase Management. Please refer to that agreement.
  10. What is the cancellation policy?
    • Most are 7 business days for individual cancellations and 30 business days for team cancellations.
    • Please refer to your team agreement for further.
  11. How do I book an individual reservation?
    • If you are requesting a room from a team room block, you would have been provided a link to make that request.
    • If you are requesting a room outside of a team room block, this will depend on availability and you will need to call the office.
  12. When will I receive my confirmation code?
    • Once you request your room from the Team Room Block, the room list will be provided to the hotel at which time, they will assign confirmation codes and we will send those to the team manager and all who requested a reservation.
  13. Does it cost anything to change or cancel a reservation through Showcase Management?
    • In order to run your cancellation and/or change request through our process, we charge a processing fee. This fee is nonrefundable, nontransferable and is $2.
  14. Does it cost anything to make a reservation through Showcase Management?
    • In order to better serve teams and parents, we do charge a $5 nonrefundable, nontransferable fee to request a room from a team block.
  15. I missed the deadline to book my room through my team block. What do I do?
  16. I cannot come in on the Friday night and my hotel requires a two-night minimum. Is there anything I can do to cancel the Friday night only?
    • We define special circumstance as injury to the player, parent travel issues due last-minute work issues, financial hardship due to illness or family circumstances. For these special circumstances we can discuss an Individual Guest Agreement Modification
  17. I have to cancel my room outside of the deadline. What do I do?
    • You can cancel your room at any time. However, if you are outside of the cancellation policy, you could be charged at minimum one-night room and tax from the hotel
  18. Does Showcase Management charge to place my reservation?
    • No. We do not charge a fee to reserve, however, the processing fee of the form your submit for your reservation is assessed at check out

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